Security Cameras helped a US man stop a burglary in his Hyderabad home

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A US-based Hyderabad resident prevented a burglary attempt at his house in KPHB colony, Hyderabad, thanks to an alert from a hi-tech security system linked to his phone. He quickly notified the police, leading to the arrest of the intruder.

Advanced security cameras prevent a house robbery.

The man’s house was protected by CCTV cameras with motion sensors, which detected the movement of the intruder and sent an alert to the man’s mobile phone. According to a news report, the alert came through at 3 AM on Wednesday, and upon checking the footage, the man was surprised to see an intruder inside his home.

Upon receiving an alert from a security system, the man immediately called his neighbors and informed the police. The police quickly arrived at the scene and apprehended the suspect, who was found hiding in the bedroom. It was discovered that the perpetrator had been picking on locked homes.

The incident can happen to anyone and in the present time, it has become a necessity to safeguard our homes, offices, and surroundings with surveillance systems. Over the last 20 years, surveillance technology has undergone a significant transformation, becoming more advanced, affordable, and accessible to all. For instance, security cameras have the greatly improved capability and are now much more advanced than they were two decades ago.

Benefits of Security Cameras-

It is important to have CCTV cameras on your premises. This is so that the camera can monitor various activities occurring inside your home/office using cutting-edge, modern automation technologies. As a result, it enables you to stop potential theft, and in the event of a break-in, authorities can look into it using strong proof from the monitors. You also gain a variety of advantages by installing CCTV.

Deterring crime:

The presence of security cameras can act as a visual deterrent for potential criminals, as they are aware that they are being recorded and their actions may be captured on camera. This can discourage them from committing crimes such as theft, vandalism, and break-ins. For instance- In the reported incident, if the security cameras had been installed at the entry, the intruder must have avoided breaking in just by the site of it.  

Monitoring activity:

Security cameras provide constant surveillance of the property, allowing you to monitor activity and identify any suspicious behavior. This can help you to identify potential security risks and take action to address them before they become a problem.

Gathering evidence:

In the event of a crime, security camera footage can be used as evidence to help identify suspects and aid in prosecution. The footage can provide valuable information such as a suspect’s physical appearance, actions, and movements.

Remote monitoring:

Many security cameras now offer remote viewing capabilities, allowing you to remotely check in on your property via a smartphone or computer. This can provide peace of mind when you’re away from your property and allows you to take immediate action if something suspicious is captured on camera. As in the reported incident, the US man was immediately able to contact his neighbors and report this incident after receiving the intruder notification on his phone. 

Reduced security cost:

Having a surveillance camera system in place can also help to reduce security-related costs. By installing a security camera, you may be able to reduce the number of security personnel needed to monitor your premises. Today’s advanced cameras, such as high-end wireless options, are reliable, highly functional, compact in size, and less obtrusive. 

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