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your space ‘tech’fied,
yet ‘simpli’fied.

Regasys Autotech India Private Limited (RAIPL) brings technology into your life in the form of Brilliant Experiences. We are a one-stop unit offering ultra-modern, tech-led Automation, Electronic Security and Networking Solutions for new-age homes & enterprises.

In an era of smart spaces, we update and adapt yours to the changing needs and make it future-ready. With us, you can turn up the heat while you’re away, feel extra-secure about your space and network seamlessly to make life an effortless, convenient and enjoyable experience.
We’re quite proud of our ‘tech-warriors’the trained ensemble of professionals who design and integrate customized solutions, and know how to make headway on projects from concept to completion.
Our personal ethos of “No job is too tough when done right” transition smoothly into practice. This is precisely how we execute everything, from intricate surveillance systems rollout, to hyper-advanced automation, to even routine upgrades and maintenance.
The state-of-the-art technologies that we use have been rigorously tested, and meet the global standards of quality and reliability.
It’s a great feeling to have happy clients across elaborate regional, national, and government segments, especially when they love our 24*7 customer support.
We exemplify honest assessments, superior performance and prompt execution. The only end-result we strive to achieve is: Your Peace of Mind.

Your Truly, isn’t it?


To become the global leaders of Automation, Electronic Security and Networking offering innovative, path-breaking technology solutions for the ever-evolving needs of home and commercial spaces.


To relentlessly pursue the integration of the distinctive technologies into avant-garde products and solutions so as to deliver and exceed the expectations of quality, performance and deployment goals.

Core Values

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We listen & respond to customer expectations by sharing personal
responsibility to maintain trust.

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We strive for continual excellence in everything we do through
continuous improvement.

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We are committed to act in the most transparent, ethical and
honest manner.

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We maintain an open, collaborative environment and value diverse
opinions and ideas

Relish the
Regasys Advantage

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Simple | ease at your fingertips

Fostering convenience, comfort and absolute calm.

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Unique | ground breaking innovation

An all-inclusive portfolio of products that are future-fit.

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Intuitive | integrations that speak to you

Intelligent system integrations for all imperative tasks and goals.

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Tech-Salient | pioneering edge of everything

Most advanced technologies and domain expertise put into practice.

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Efficient | performance that only escalates

Addressing the distinct needs of any level of complexity.